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Danger gravitates towards you, dear, it's not like you can avoid it.

Ryusaki Hayate, Episode 25

Mei Kihara is one of the main protagonists of My Dear Cold Blooded King. She is currently training in the Blood Core and was formally an assistant court physician in the Blood King's palace. She is also the temporary cover fiancée for the Blood King.


Mei is a young woman with long, raven hair and grey-cerulean eyes. She has been noted for her 'ivory-like' skin and ethereal beauty, which tends to attract many men. Mei has a slender, feminine body and physique but despite this, she is rather strong physically.


Mei has a strong-willed personality as she often doesn't let anything get in her way when she is determined to do something. She is loving and protective, always willing to help others in need even if it means that she may have to risk her life in the process.

Though she can act rashly at times, which she admits, she is an observative and perceptive character and is capable of discerning people's true intentions. Katsu notes on this, saying, "It's remarkable that someone like you has been kept in the dark for so long..."[1]

It was also the most defining feature as to why she was selected for the Core. 

Mei is both unwilling and uninterested in romantic relationships, viewing romance as "trivial," especially so after the arc with her kidnapping, even before so, she prefers to focus on and prioritize taking care of herself and her family, which was what Daisuke made her promise to do before he died.


Mei was born a simple farm girl who grew up working as a merchant while her family sold fruit in order to survive. She was rather head-strong and stubborn, but cared greatly about her family and was munificent and benevolent to others. Mei greatly adored her brother, Daisuke] and was shattered to find out that he was going to risk his life by becoming a soldier.

Love Interests[]

Asukai Katsu[]

Asukai Katsu was a former fling of Mei's however they eventually split due to incompatible personalities and Mei's growing feelings for Ryusaki Hayate as well Katsu's growing feelings for Akane. They mutually decided it was best to part ways but still remain close friends.

Ryusaki Hayate[]

Hayate is Mei’s current lover,the love of her life and they are set to be married in the future as husband and wife.


Kôzuke is Mei's first love and kiss.

Friends and Acquaintances[]

Akane and Mei are close friends as they both confide their love lives to each other. Akane remarks her to be a "beautiful person, inside and out" to Katsu.

Fujioka Asahi[]

Mei is Fujioka's apprentice.


Though General Shibisaki is cold towards her and appears to despise her, he secretly likes her too.


Ambassador is one of Mei's lovers/secret admirers.


Kihara Daisuke[]

Daisuke is Mei's elder brother. She looks up to him a great deal and Daisuke has shown to be protective over her regarding her love life with Hayate.

Kihara Daichi[]

Daichi is Mei's younger brother. Many immature fights between the two occur, but she still loves him very much and would risk her life to save him

Kihara Sanjiro[]

Sanjiro is Mei's father.

Kihara Aiko[]

Aiko is Mei's mother.


  • Mei's given name can mean 「 妹 」" younger sister" or 「 美 」"beautiful."
  • Mei is noted as being a good cook.
  • Mei is incredibly talented, being well-versed in both medicine and military tactics.


  • "This brashness you perceive is how I have learned to survive. I have not had the luxury of being able to hope for the best in people."
  • "If you expect me to look the other way, it won't happen."
  • "When someone displays a show of honesty with me, I am grateful and willing to show some redemption for it. It's how I would want to be treated."