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What will you gain? You can't resurrect the dead...and you can't find a person who doesn't want to be found.

Asukai Katsu, Episode 3

Hayate Ryusaki is not only one of the Blood Kings but a member of the royal family, being the truly legitimate blood-son of Asukai Ozuru. He is a lieutenant-general in the army and overall third in command as well as being the Head of the Core.


Ryusaki is a handsome, young man who has long, black hair which he either leaves loose or ties up in a ponytail while working as a Blood Core member or has it in a top knot when playing the role of substitute «Blood King». His eyes are red with golden rims.


Ryusaki has a flirtatious, cheeky personality and loves to tease people to get a rise out of them. However, this aspect of his personality seems to be a cover for his true feelings.

He is shown to be a calm, cautious, and calculating individual, using humor and excuses to get things done such as keeping Mei safe, as he promised her brother.[1]

He has been shown to have quite a few guilty, remorseful expressions, especially when talking about Daisuke. He is also obsessed with revenge against Kôzuke whom it is hinted at having had something to do with Daisuke's death.


The lieutenant's surname, Ryusaki, can be written with two characters,「 竜 」 or「 龍 」, both meaning "dragon, imperial," or「 劉 」 meaning "faded, kill en masse, sparse, weapon of war."


Kihara Daisuke[]

Ryusaki has mentioned on multiple occasions that he viewed and still views Daisuke as a brother to him and held a great respect and admiration for him. When Daisuke mentioned the upcoming war, Ryusaki showed open concern for Daisuke and promised to take care of his younger sister should anything happen to him.

Kihara Mei

Ryusaki was initially believed to have liked Daisuke's sister, Kihara Mei. When Mei appeared in the palace as the royal physician, Ryusaki attempted to make many "moves" on her, though all of which Mei persistently denied. He also appeared to show feelings of jealousy when Mei mentioned or was with his step-brother, Asakai Katsu.


The two end up together at the end of season 2 and marry in season 3.


  • "A King living in the shadows ..... is No King at all."
  • "I always know these things, dear. It's my job to know."
  • "Because I was behaving like a fool. You are a woman of virtue...and for the way I've been with you, I apologize."
  • "Now, for the matter of my behavior...please beat me until you are satisfied, though just avoid my face please."
  • "Don't open old wounds, Katsu. I don't talk about your, don't talk about mine."
  • "Mei...I miss being able to rile you up. But, you give me so little reactions these days. Are you alright?"
  • "Are you now engaged to three men? As one of your fiancés, I have a problem with this."
  • "Wifey!!!"
  • "Why did she have to say she was aroused by me what am I supposed to do with that information?"
  • "Dear, are you trying to arouse me?"


  • As not many people call him by name, he becomes quite delighted when Mei calls him by it, accompanied by a blush.
  • He was in love with a prostitute named Shiori.
  • It is insinuated that he was raised in a brothel.
  • He is the oldest son of King Ozuru.